Monday, September 14, 2015

Cookie Thief

Well another week down, it's crazy how time goes by...
So here's the rundown, 
Monday, for dinner we made some cookies and let's just say that my mom knows how to cook way better, but for the tools I had they were pretty good. We didn't have the right size pan, and the oven we used we couldn't set the temp, it was just random so that was kinda crappy, nevertheless they were still delicious!! :)  So funny story about the cookies. . . we cook them Monday night, eat a couple with our pensions family, but still more than half the pan remained. So Tuesday we had a couple for breakfast and then at night, we were still left with a huge piece, probably 1/3 of the cookies left still.  We go put the cookies back, get up in the morning and go to grab some for breakfast and they were GONE. No where to be found.. I was so sad, we have no idea where they went or who ate them, but it was a sad day, haha! 
Tuesday, all our appts failed us so we spent a lot of time contacting people, super duper fun!! But the good thing is we can just talk and have a good time so that makes things easier.  We also had to take this lady to the hospital cause none of her family could, and the members here don't call like their relief society or elders quorum president, they call the elders. So we went and took her.

Wednesday we had a couple of appts., went back to the hospital with that lady and ya, it was a little frustrating though because she had family that could have taken her, she just said no the elders will, but oh well. Following that we had an appt with our inv. with a baptismal date and then a family night that he came to.

Thursday just full of appts, we were teaching Ulises, our inv. with a date, the commandments and he just understands everything so well!! Its so cool!! We had a couple more appts, and then our ward misison leader took us out to papa johns for pizza!! They gave us bbq sauce with our pizza, i was in heaven!!

Friday, we had to finish teaching Ulises cause he had his interview, we taught him about tithing and the sabbath day and well he knew everything before we even taught him!! #gold!!!!  he had his interview and passed it!! He will be baptized on the 19th!! We are so excited for him!!!

Saturday the sister missionaries in our ward had a baptism that we went and got everything ready, cause I'm the best district leader eve.  The baptism was awesome and I got to baptize her which was awesome!! She is super awesome and super prepared!! It was a spiritual day. Then after we went and ate waffles to celebrate!! It was the first time I'd had waffles for like a year. Delicious!!
Sunday, just a normal day we had a lot of appts fail us, but we did have a family night and after we played a little game that was questions without answers, where you have to respond to all questions with a question, someone asked me if i read the bible. My answer,  "Noooooo?" I don't know why i responded no, oh well haha.

Well I love and miss you guys so much!! I came across a solid scripture this week in 1 John 4.7-9. It's awesome i really like it!! Well I love you guys have a great week!!!!

Zach wanted to make sure everyone knew he was doing his drill team pose.

Zach baptizing a girl the sisters missionaries had been working with, he never told us her name though.

Zach had been dying for Cookies & Cream Blondies so in his last package I sent  him recipe and ingredients and here they are . . . . 

Too bad they somehow dissappeared and he and his comp never got to finish them off . . . lucky cookie thief whoever he/she was!

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