Monday, September 21, 2015

Rex, Rex2, and Negrito

Well this was another interesting week you could say. Highlights of the week. Our Baptism!! :) and the following story:

Well it was Tuesday and we were walking down this street to an appt with Ulises and there was just this big street dog following us kinda, so we decided to call it and get it to follow us. So we gave it a little pet and it became our friend. We called him Rex. Then out of the blue, this other dog just walks out of this alley, and starts following us, we didn't say or do anything but he was cool so we called him Rex2. Very loyal, the bad part is that he had some eye boogies. They were gross. Then about 10 seconds later this black dog comes and follows us so we decided to call him... Negrito. They followed us to Ulises' house and even two of them, Rex2 and Negrito, waited for us there. That day we also had some other appts and some service.

Wednesday just a normal day had a couple of lessons, but the cool thing was we found Rex again!! haha and he followed us for a while but then ditched us for the circus. Poor guy.

Thursday, we had a couple of appts, taught Ulises again and he told us that his mom, who lives by Puno, was going to be able to come to his baptism!! I was so happy!! :) then just a couple more appts.

Friday more service, a couple more appts and then we set up for the talent show.

Saturday was the baptism. It was good, but there was a lot of people who said they were going to come, and didn't. Good old Peruvian culture, but wait there's more later. Luckily everyone who was participating was there so it went pretty well. Ulises was happy and so were we! Then later that day we had the ward talent show, that we had set up. The play was going to start at 6:00, and we had told every organization to have an act, they all said yes and even that morning in ward council we confirmed with everyone. So we have the program all ready and no one is showing up. Then we had some people show up but not the acts. So really to sum it up, Elder Barry and I(because the sister missionaries were practicing their act), were in charge. Luckily after about an hour and a half we had enough acts to start. So we just did little skits during acts and they were pretty good, when i get the videos I'll send them to you. So I guess it was a success, but it was funny cause these greengos came and this little girl was dancing and went out and got him to dance with her! It was solid!

Then Sunday was just a normal sunday visitng the normal people and everything was good.

But hey, you guys should go look at the mormon message video Reach out with Love, it's pretty funny and it teaches a good message!! haha I love you all and remember like it says in 2 Cor 5:7 "we walk by faith and not by sight!" 

Have a great week! Peru is awesome!!!

Ulisis' Baptism

Zach is in deep thought . . . .

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