Monday, July 13, 2015

Linin' up for the baptismal font!

Ok well not literally but the new investigator we got from last week is so awesome!!! Gustavo is totally progressing and loving the church!! Everything is literally going perfectly and it's kinda crazy how perfect everything is going!! All the members are helping in being his friends and making him feel welcome so it is really so awesome!!! He said he knows this is the true church and shared some things with us that is just so great!! I'm so happy!!

Really the work is going pretty well, I love this area cause it's a good working area!! A lot of the members are helping us and wow it's just so great, apart from that it was still kinda a rough week, my comp and I got along a little better but not perfectly, but I'm definitely learning a lot from this and I know it will help me in the long run!

Well this week the crazy thing that happened was that the city went on strike!! It was pretty funny, there were just people walking around in the streets, the streets were completely empty of cars and only people, which made it a pain to get around, but it was super funny! Supposedly if you drove your car through the groups they break your windows and tip your car, so we were walking and this car was about to drive through a group and I was kinda really excited, but the "leader" we could say, told his people that it was a friend not a foe, as they were circling this car, I was a little disappointed! Also the road blocks they set up just sucked they tried to put rocks and do bon fires to stop cars, but any car could have passed through easily, the bon fires were just a small bag of garbage, nonetheless it was funny to see all that happen! And well, we decided to go on strike that day too so didn't work ;) haha no but it was funny and actually helped cause more people were in their houses!

Well really that's all that happened this week, not a super exciting week, I don't even have a photo to send home cause I didn't have my camera with me the day of the strike, what a bummer! Hopefully next week I will have some pics to send home!! But hey I love you guys and thanks for all your support!!


Elder Ludlow 

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