Monday, July 20, 2015

It's a boy . . .

Well now that I'm about 9 months along it's really really really starting to show, as you can see in the picture!!! Haha well this week was ok. I was kinda sick like all week with just a bunch of different stuff, but I survived!

Ya so an update on our investigator with a date. He is just the man!! He is so awesome!! He just has super great questions, and really wants to know! He already feels at home at church, he goes around and greets people, is always talking with everyone, even came with us to an appointment, and well even asked about the mission!!! The change in this guy is completely incredible!! The best part was last night we had a family night in the house of a member, and invited him. So he came with us and one of the members is just this sweet old lady. After talking for a while, the grandma asks our investigator, "So Elder how much time do you have in Cusco?" hahaha we were dying!!! He was just like, "I'm not an Elder, yet!" haha it was awesome and we just laughed but the whole night she just called him Elder. And then after he was asking us what things he would need to do, if he were to go on a mission. He is so awesome and we are gonna stay close with him so he can't change his mind!

Well other than that just another normal week, I did divisions with the Zone Leaders this week, which was pretty nice, cause we were able to talk a lot about things and he helped me want to become even better. So I hope to be able to do the things I can to become a better missionary.

So yesterday a couple of kinda funny stories, so the first we go to this members house who just reactivated in the church, and now her grandma told us she doesn't wanna go anymore, so we went to go visit her, and her grandma answers and said she's not there, my comp asked if she had anything to drink, she says yes runs inside for a second, and then comes out, and says wait for me inside i'm gonna go buy you guys something. We tried to tell her no cause it was the sabbath but she was determined to do it! So she went bought us some Inka Kola, We pounded down the Inka Kola super fast. Then we went to this members house who invited us over. We end and they invited us to the table. We ate some popcorn and then had some Coke. Well the guy would not stop giving me more, I tried to tell him I was good and he just kept giving and giving and giving, I probably drank a Liter and a half of coke in about 15 minutes.... Whoops!! haha I told him i was fine but he just insisted!! So ya i had to go!

I also saw ELder Card again this week! We had to go to the office to help them with something, and we was there doing some paperwork!! I just miss him so much! He is such a great guy!!

Well that's really all that happened this week. Thanks everyone for all your support hope you all have a great 24th of July, eat some good food for me and send me some pics!! I miss you all so much!! Love you!! 

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