Monday, February 2, 2015

Where are you package? Why can't i find you.. :(

Well, this week was a huge learning experience for me. And it was awesome!! On Tuesday, we did work divisions within our district, I was with an Elder named Elder Barber, he's from Texas has a little less than a year, but his Spanish is still maso menos. So we were still in my sector, so I was leading all the lessons, and all the walking around. I was a little bit scared at the start but once we started it was awesome!!! Then Elder Samaniego had to travel to Lima this week to do paperwork so he can go home..... :o So I was with the zone leaders, Elder Bentson and Elder Talavera, and that was awesome as well! Because we were working with two sectors we had like full appointments, and we worked so hard! It was great!!! And always when I am with Elder Bentson we just talk about great things, I have learned a lot from him as well. Also in Elder Samenigo's absence I got to be District Leader for like two days. So.... you could say I got a taste of power, and I liked it..... A LOT!!! haha no it was cool just to kinda get me prepared for when I get a new companion, which was perfect for me this week. Then came Friday.....

So my package was supposed to come Wednesday, when we dropped Elder Samaniego off, well it wasn't there, so I asked Elder Samaniego to bring my package back with him... well I think he got a little confused, but he brought back lots of packages for our zone on Friday... but mine still wasn't there. So that kinda bummed me out, although I did receive some letters which was good. But then he came back and I dont know what happened I think he just wanted to annoy me for the rest of the night. He was getting on mine, and Elder Bentson's nerve. We had our activity this Friday, that was already stressful enough cause like nobody showed up, but Elder S just kept gettin gmore and more on our nerves... So you could say friday wasnt a great day for me. Saturday was better, and Saturday we went and contacted families right on the coast of Lake Titticaca. That was awesome! We contacted 14 families and holy cow it was wicked!!! Things have since gotten better and everything is going well.. Hes only got three weeks left of his mission which is crazy!! But hey I've only got 20 more fast sundays :) Time flies and its crazy! I love it here.

So probably the coolest thing is we are teaching the less active 17 year old kid. After the first visit he told us he wants to serve a mission. He pretty much is active again, he is going to the temple with the youth in a week or two, and he is going to be starting his papers pretty soon here. HOW INCREDIBLE!! We had a fhe with him last night, with two other young men who are getting ready to serve missions and it was so cool! We just talked about the mission and man its a really awesome thing! He is so dedicated and just wants to serve and its awesome! Not to mention hes so chill and its so awesome!!

Well I guess there's the weekly report for yall! Voy a ver quien puede entender eso, sin google translate! Si se puede, quiero que ustedes escriban una correo a mi, solo porque quiero mas cartas! haha Love all of you guys and just love serving the lord as well!!


 The package missing elder, 

  Elder Ludlow

PS. My Spanish still could be totally bad, so if you understand it, and it's bad, SORRY!!

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