Monday, February 23, 2015

Package+Diarhea= Elder Ludlow left with mixed feelings

Well my package came last Monday!! So finally and it made me so so so happy!!! I was so pumped!! haha but like I said I have had diarrhea all this week.... and well I just haven't felt like eating all the candy, but I still have eaten some, cause how can i not eat it! Also last Monday to celebrate my comps last p-day we went and ate al paca, and holy cow it was so good!!! It was al paca cord on blu, oh man it was awesome!! I attached some pictures so you guys can see!

Well this week was kinda rough, my comp definitely got trunky this week, and like I said I wasn't feeling great, and ya so thats how this week went. There really isn't much to say about our week this week. I did think a lot about home this week cause ya my comp was super trunky, so ya I was a little trunky, but I'm focused again and I'm good and ready to go! If you wanted me to sum up the week in one phrase it would be i spent it all in the bathroom... haha but ya so thats what happened this week, sorry there really isn't anything to tell this week, cause i really don't remember what happened...

But changes are this week!!! I got a new companion obviously...and my new comp is a greengo. His name is Elder Card and ya Elder Bentson doesn't know him so we will see how it goes. Also Elder Bentson got a change, I am so so so sad Elder Bentson is going to valley sagrado, and I'm happy for him but i am gonna miss him like crazy! He is such an awesome zone leader!! But ya thats what happened for this week.. 

Just remember that the church is true! I love all you guys and miss you like crazy!! This week I completed 4 months in the mission and holy cow it has really flown by! I can't believe how  fast time goes! Everything about this work is awesome! i love serving the people here in Peru, but even more I love serving the Lord!! It's the best! I love all of you and hope everything is well at home!

Love, Elder Ludlow

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