Monday, January 26, 2015

WOW what a roller coaster of a week!!!

Well, every roller coaster has to go up and down to be fun right?? Well, last week we were at the top of that hill everything was going great!! We dropped down that hill and holy cow was that super awesome!!! But we had to climb back up this week.

After emailing last Monday we went and played dodgeball in our church! it was super duper fun! Then Tuesday was good we had an FHE with a family for this little girls birthday and we brought her a present and she was super pumped, they served us tres leches chocolate cake which is delicious, but I couldn't enjoy it, I got the worst stomach pains ever. So I barely made it through the lesson and then we speed walked home cause if a ran, yeah, you all know what would have happened. So I went to bed Tuesday feeling like garbage and was in and out of the bathroom all night. Wednesday I got up and still felt like garbage but thought it would go away so I just got up and got ready, Well it didn't go away I started feeling like I had a fever, so the Elders gave me a blessing and I had to stay home that day. WHICH I HATE!! I JUST WANTED TO SERVE! Whenever I'm sick it makes me super homesick as well, and I honestly think this Wednesday was the hardest day in my mission, I just wanted to come home... Nonetheless, I'm still here.

Well here comes the good part, we were at our pensions house and they have a little five-year old, well we were playing around with him and I took a bottle he was playing with and put it by Elder Bentson's but, the little kid went and grabbed it and Elder Bentson beef stewed him so hard!! WE were crying laughing and it was so awesome!!! One more funny story that happened this week was we were walking around and there was this group of like 8 perros, of course, i didn't have my camera, but I'm pretty sure it was 7 guys, 1 girl. When we walked by there was this black dog on the female, but the female was bigger so  he was struggling hard core to do his business and kept falling off of the female! It was hilarious, then this group past this white dog. This white dog did not mess around. It grabbed the black dog by the neck and they were fighting hard core!! It wouldn't let go of the neck and had people not thrown rocks I'm sure one of them was gonna die!!!! 

Well, I guess that really is all that happened this week... We are still progressing with the same investigators and fewer actives so that's  awesome!! Oh and today we went to a beach. It was beautiful!! and so cool!!! That's why I'm writing right now... But it was so cool! There will be some photos in dropbox mom.

The final thing that is the greatest thing ever. We bought a giant white board!! It is huge!! and its so helpful!! Holy cow it's the coolest thing ever!!! Haha well, thats about all! I love you all and I miss everyone!! But I also love it out here!!! I also had my 3 month birthday, holy cow I'm old ;) The Church is true!!! Love all of you!!!

Love, Elder Ludlow

Ooh, and I got sun burnt super bad!!! WHOOPS!

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