Monday, February 9, 2015

The weekly report (cause I couldn't think of a good name this week)

So this week as I said last week elder Bentson was going to Cusco and he was going to look for my package for me. Well, he got back on Wednesday and still no package. Which really just made me sad... But mom before you call Vanessa and get really mad at her, continue reading. haha so we had a multi-zone conference on Thursday, with presidente and the assistants and some zones. So on Thursday elder Bengtzon, the assistant, told me that my package is in the office. So eventually it will be sent here, I just have to wait longer, but now we know where it is, so don't worry!

Anyways a kinda weird, funny story, so the bishop gave us this reference of a menos activo who lives by him, we went and visited her one day and only her husband, I think they are married, was there. He isn't a member, he looked to be a little older kinda what I expected. So when we went a day or two after, with a member, of course, she answered the door and wow not what i expected.... she was super super super young!!! haha with a kid. And she is from lima so she is really different from the rest of the people here. Elder bentson saw her and said it perfectly, she's like a blonde Peruvian, now obviously she isn't blonde but acts like blonde girls from the states, or just girls from the states in general I don't remember what they're all like. But the funny part is she is 22... and her husband is 49!!!! It was awful to hear.... I wanted to cry, her husband has been in the police for 27 years... so ya that's just awkward.

Well then we had our zone conference which was really good, I left feeling uplifted, and that I just love our mission president, he is so funny and so awesome!! and Hermana Harbertson is awesome too!! oh and ya I learned that we can't do the chat, so just make sure you ask all your questions in the weekly email you send me and I'll respond and we will talk the next week.

Then Friday was just a normal day and Saturday came, the baptismal interview for litter. Holy cow was I nervous, it was like I was getting interviewed, we had a lesson right before just to see how he felt and we had to teach one last thing, after the lesson i just felt really good. And he did pass and so he's getting baptized this Saturday, in Lake Titticaca!!! I am so pumped!!!! I have never felt so much joy than after this time! t was awesome! the picture i am sending is where he will be baptized!!

We also are working with a menos activo maybe I have told you, his name paul, and he is awesome! He is preparing for his mission and every day he tells us something i wanna cry cause I just feel so good! He's been reading preach my gospel and the scriptures, which is way better than I was! haha but ya that was awesome!

This week I am just really grateful to the lord and my parents for raising me in the gospel. I love the gospel it brings more joy to people's lives than anything else. I don't know why I was blessed so much to be born in the gospel and to be born into the best family ever but I'm doing my best to try and share my blessings with the amazing people of
Peru! I love all you so much and miss you so much!!!! Hope you all have a terrific week!

Elder Ludlow

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