Monday, March 2, 2015

Guapos! ;)

Well I think I really need to start off with why the title of my email is guapos. I mean everyone already knows that I am right?? haha j/k lol. Well yesterday we were contacting families, and we saw a older couple probably 50s or 60s and so we were like ya lets talk to them. So we went up and they're like sorry we are in a hurry so we dont' have time, the usual, but something different this time happened. We gave them a card and said when they had more time they could talk with missionaries, so they were like ya thanks and started to walk away, then the lady turned around and said "Hey....... Guapos!" and walked off... For those of you who don't know guapos means handsome or beautiful, but for guys... So ya we got hit on by like a 50-year old, awesome right?? Wait it gets better, we kept contacting and we saw a family and started talking to them they had to daughter and we were talking and one of the daughters says to me, probably 12 or 11 years old, "Does everyone in Utah have blue eyes?" I said some people do, then she said "Well you have really beautiful eyes!" Man I guess it was just the day to hit on Elders!1 haha but ya it was funny!

Well I also got to be zone leader for about three days this week cause Elder Bentson was gone.. And I am thinking that I did pretty dang well! We had to drop off and pick up a ton of misisonaries cause of changes and so I spent 4 of the 7 days this week in the bus terminals! Awesome right!! Well in this time of moving misisonaries around we only lost three missionaries!!! I know what you are thinking, you lost three missionaries wow that is awful you are a crappy zone leader Elder Ludlow, but no im not cause they werent from our zone so they arent important to me!!! haha thats sarcasm if you couldnt tell, haha but ya it was a funny time!

SO as yall know i got a new comp this week.. honestly i was a little bit worried cause i didnt know how it would be.. But wow me and Elder Card are like best friends! We hit it off perfectly and we get along great!! WE just joke around a ton and wow it is so aweomse!! Hes from Utah and well probably the only thing wrong with him is hes a Utah fan! He played basektball at Lone Peak and we figured out that we ended up playing each other in high school! Small world right?? But he is awesome!! I love it!!

Well the work is going good! We have another investigator with a date so that is really awesome!! Now we are really trying to find more people cause we don't have a ton of people who we are working with! But other than that everything is really good!! We couldn't work a ton this week cause we only had three days together. So this week we are gonna go hard and I am so pumped!! 

I love and miss all of you!! I can't believe that it is already March.. How crazy!! Time Flies, Take advantage of it! I love this work, The church is true!!!! If you don't think so I dare you to try and find out.. I know that it will change your life! Love you guys!!

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