Monday, January 19, 2015


Well this week a lot happened but honestly, I don't remember like any of it.. haha But first things first last P-day we cooked tacos. Not very many people here know what they are so we taught our pension and oh man they were delicious!! We had them with guacamole and pico de gallo and wow was it DELICIOSO!! 

We are doing great in the work.  WE HAVE SOMEONE WITH A BAPTISMAL DATE!!!! Which is so awesome!! I am so pumped! probably the easiest one we will ever get. He asked us when we could baptize him. He comes from a family of members. His sister married into a family of members who live in our ward and so he's known the church for a while and decided ya he wants to be baptized! We're working on getting him a testimony and oh ya it's so awesome!! We are also working with a family who is great! They are super nice and super receptive! The wife is out of town for a little, but she is the one who was super into listening so we aren't to worried. But the entire family is awesome! They have an 18-year-old son who we were talking about the mission and were like, hey you wanna be a missionary and he's like why not?? haha but this 18-year-old kid is awesome!! He really listens and asks great questions! So it is super great! We are also working with this less active who wants to serve a mission as well!! He is super awesome and man things are just good!!

Other than that we have just been working on strengthening our ward. WE did an activity Friday night, where we started off with a small spiritual thought, then lots of games. At the start there were about 5 people, which is normal cause punctuality isn't a thing here, but once the games started people started coming. The first game was a relay race. We hid candy in flour and they had to blow the flour, at the other team and grab the candy, then a three-legged race to some chairs where they blew up a balloon and had to sit on the balloon and pop it, then return to the start. It was so funny!! And for the last one, we dumped so much flour so everyone was covered!! The second game was a book of Mormon quiz, with a catch to it. There was two teams, each comp of elders was assigned to a team, Whichever team answered correctly, that person got to choose one of the elders of the other team to punish. The punishment was a plate of shaving cream to the face!! Haha our team was actually boss! and we did really good, nonetheless, we still lost and they liked to pick on the greengos.... haha the last game was dodgeball, which we couldn't participate in. And it was super difficult because the floor was super slippery... but it was still awesome and turned out great!!!

Well, there's my report for the week!! We are just working hard! I do miss home a lot but teaching the gospel is incredible! After every lesson I feel so uplifted and so grateful to have this gospel in my life!! One more cool story this week, to show how if we listen to the promptings of the spirit the lord will bless us, We went to an appointment Thursday night, and they lady failed us, we didn't know what to do so we prayed. I had the feeling to go to some less actives house, who is never in her house, nonetheless, we went. On our way, we passed a family, so we contacted them, it turns our that this family had been contacted by missionaries previously, but the missionaries failed the appointment. So we got all their information and ya me and elder Samaniego just knew that we were supposed to contact them. The Church is true! The Book of Mormon is the word of God! We have a Father in Heaven who loves us!! And who blesses us with more things than we can imagine, and only asks that we follow his commandments. What a Blessing!!!! Love all of you!!

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