Monday, January 12, 2015

The First Letter (like ice age "the last melon")

First off I just want to thank Erika for sending me the first letter of my mission! It was great And it really pumped me up! It was great to get a letter and now I know who actually loves me ;)

Second Happy birthday Taylor!!! I am kinda glad I'm not there to see you wreck the cars!!! Also happy birthday Lizzie!!

So today i finished my first change in the mission field!! So that is a good thing to hear one more down one less to go! This week was the most successful week we have had! We have families we are teaching we've got menos activos that are progressing and it is awesome!! The best thing is seeing them at church! We are teaching a family, the mom is a less active member, and the rest of the family is catholic, we have taught them twice and the papa had a lot of questions, which is good but it appeared his heart was pretty set on catholicism, but they attended church this Sunday and his heart appears to be more open! So that is awesome!

So although this was probably the best week we have had.. Probably the worst thing happened to me this week... So we went to a less active members house on Friday to confirm an appt for saturday... He invited us into his house... As we walk upstairs he has a big nice tv, something that lots of people have... They really like to have nice tvs, anyway, we walk up and an NBA game was on :( It was Chicago and Washington and I didn't know what to do.. Probably something good that happened was that they went into a timeout right as we walked up, but nonetheless I almost shed tears because I miss it so much. Ya it was rough!! Also in this member's house his daughter came up to greet us, the custom here is to kiss the cheek to greet, so she came up to me shook my hand and then put her cheek forward to do that... Well we can't do that... especially to hermanas... so I just sat there awkwardly not knowing what to do... and then she moved in closer so I backed up a little... ya then her dad told her that we couldn't do that.. so ya there are my awkward moments for the week!!

Last but not least one more bad thing that happened this week is that i had a dream about Disneyland and woke up so sad that i cant go to Disneyland for two years..... haha other than this i am doing good!! I love teaching lessons cause every time i teach my testimony of that lesson just grows!!

I love all of you guys and hope to hear from y'all soon!!

Love, Elder Ludlow!

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