Thursday, November 6, 2014


So I thought i would begin by telling Parker and Mckaley happy freaking birthday!!!! I though about you guys the entire days on your birthdays and I love you!!
I'm gonna tell you one of the funny stories of the week! So on Sunday I was talking with elder Augaut about how happy i was that his companion was district leader and how I was glad that I probably wouldn't be zone leader because of that! So we just laughed cause he was so happy it wasn't him to! So after church Sunday we had a health class and i just couldn't keep my eyes open. so when it came time to say the prayer i was half awake half asleep... we said the prayer and I'm not sure if i stayed awake during the prayer! but i just kept my head down after the prayer was done for a little til i heard my name.  When I turned to see who it was it was a member of the branch presidency. He told me and elder budden to go with him so we went into the classrooms and low and behold you re looking at your new Zone Leader!!! haha i blame mom and dad for this because Zach Ludlow, zone leader, ZL, its like it was destined to be!
Haha so this week has been better its starting to go by a lot quicker! Elder Wilson and Elder Turner, our former roommates are gone and we have Latinos in our room now. How I wish elder Wilson and Turner were still here! They were the coolest funniest kids and we just had great times! now the new Latino leaders are kinda weird, make our room smell funny, and one of them the first night woke up at 2 in the morning turned all our lights on in our room, turned them off and went back to sleep, ya I don't know.
OK, Honestly there isn't many new things to tell because we do the same things all day. We sit in class and it really is kinda boring but really fun because i have awesome teachers! so a lot of this is just gonna be stories that i remember!! SO i described how the food was OK but i didn't really explain it. So every morning, and I'm not kidding when i say every morning, we have eggs, pretty sure they are fake eggs, usually they are fried, occasionally scrambled and they are GROSS!!! I haven't got them since like the first week! EWWW then we have rice every lunch and dinner! They cook every part of the chicken, i swear they cut up the chicken and just throw it in, they don't let anything go to waste! Its not bad but the desserts at the start were gross it was like flan, whatever that is, and it was flavorless poo. But the desserts are getting better, the most prized food here is the churros. Ooh we had those two times in a week and that's like a miracle!!! We threw them in the microwave and wow they were good! They have like this caramel sauce in the middle and wooh they are awesome!!
So I have made two tie trades. One with elder martin, and one with an elder Gomez. The one with elder Gomez is cool because it was the tie I got from the Gomez. So kinda a coincidence but really cool. Honestly my thing Is i don't know how to say no. I'm JUST to nice haha!
So some other funny stories theres this kid here, hes 22 thinks he knows everything, the gooberiest kid and hes got a girlfriend right? That's not the funny part, his girlfriend bought and named a star after him. First of the star isn't even recognized as a star by Nasa and second his first name is Patrick. Patrick Star!! I cried laughing it was great! Another funny story is in the bathroom we just sit there and blow bubbles and its so great!! haha Last funny story, We were playing soccer this week and there was a ball in the air, so i Went to jump and get it and so did an Hermana from the other team, except she led with her knee. She got me right in the place where she shouldn't have. My privates. She was like oh are you OK, and me being the stud that I am played it off like a champ but it hurt so bad!! They seriously hurt from 3:45 til i went to bed at 10:30 so pray I can still have kids!!
I'm doing a lot better now and everything is great except one thing. Teaching. Teaching is the most frustrating thing because i study and i study a lot. but elder budden doesn't. a lot of the times he just sits there and stares into space.  which is bad because he cant speak Spanish so when i try to help him write things down he does for maybe two minutes then just stops. I get so stressed and stuff when we have to go teach. I do most of the talking which is bad cause I don't know much but I just pray that the spirit will guide me.
I thought id leave you with another thought this week. Its a question i want you all to ponder! "If you could see God face to face what would you say?" and "What do you need to do to prepare for that"
I love and miss you all more than anything! I think about all the amazing friends and family i have at home every day and I am so so blessed to have all of you! This elephant is pretty big dad but I am a hungry young man!! :)
With much love,

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