Wednesday, November 26, 2014

The end is near!!! kinda....‏

So i have less days here now almost than i had weeks at the beginning so that is awesome!!! This week wasn't really anything special... I don't have a ton to write so sorry about that cause i know you're all dying to hear my great stories ;) Well just read last weeks email cause its probably about the same stuff!
Haha so a funny joke we have going on around here is we just randomly ask someone, really loudly, hey you still got diarrhea? its really funny to hear and see peoples reactions cause they just kinda sit there and don't know what to say.. Remember that we are 18 year old guys still!
So on another note i finished the book of Mormon this week.. It was my goal to finish it while i was here and i was able to do that so props to me for being the best! Jk I have a lot to work on but really the Book of Mormon is an incredible book. The truthfulness and the teachings that you can find in the book are incredible.  You learn things that aren't even relevant to the chapter you are reading but because you are doing what heavenly father asked he will bless you in whatever thing you need. That is one of the coolest things i have seen out here. And come to realize that if you aren't reading the book of Mormon every day. That is a waste of a day, whether its a chapter a verse or 10 chapters you should read every day. I challenge all of you to do that. It is incredible the blessings you will see in your life.
So it is my morning teachers, hermano davalos, last week here. we are his last district which is really cool. so he let us watch the other side of heaven to show us the part where the guy learns the language. we talked him into letting us watch the rest of it.. So we thought whats another movie we can talk him into letting us watch.... BEST TWO YEARS!!! we talked him into it.. we made a deal with him.. we had to go to two other districts and share scriptures with them and he would let us watch it! Its such a great movie.. and there is an elder here that is exactly like elder calhoun... it is the funniest thing i have ever seen!!
Well I really don't have much else.. I was kinda homesick this week.. but I'm kinda used to it so don't worry I'm fine! We talk a lot about movies and i miss all movies! i wish i could just watch a Disney movie or something haha!
This week i pondered a lot about the trip to Nauvoo this summer, i thought about Joseph smith a lot and studied him a lot this week.. What an incredible man. I complain because I'm so sick of eating rice every meal... But he went through so much pain and agony and persecution to bring forth this true and gospel.. I am so grateful for him! As you take my challenge and read the book of Mormon, cause i know you all will :), take some time to pray and find out for yourselves that Joseph smith was a true prophet. Research his testimony and the testimony of the early saints he is and incredible man. I love you all so much! Don't forget about me cause ill probably forget all of you ;) chiste! (that's joke in Spanish) i miss everything and everyone at home.. I have no idea the next time i will get to email so just be checking up!!
Love, Elder Ludlow
ps sorry if my english is poopy.
pps we played a lot of volleyball this week and don't worry i still got it
ppss i went to dalbys shop today and talked with the guy. he took a picture with me and told me he was visiting in march and that he was gonna visit bro dalby. he also wanted my address so they could come visit... so you may have visitors in march!

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  1. My name is Twilla Mann. I am Elder Mann's mom. We live in Provo. You can contact me at I would be happy to send you any pictures or fun stories I get from my son about our boys. I have the feeling they are going to have some fun times together!