Thursday, November 13, 2014


The word of the week is cursear. Go look it up right now before you even continue to read!! That has been the name of my game this week!!
Ok first things first, now that you know that I've been sick all week, its been a pretty solid week! Other than being sick! pretty normal nothing to crazy to write about!! First off I'm gonna call little poody out in my big email so maybe he will email me!!!!! Haha thanks and tell everyone to email me!! It is so great hearing from home even if i can{t respond!! OH and send pictures too!! please!!
Ok, so some funny stories i wore the tie josh gave me this week, and every ones response was, "I will trade you every tie for that tie" But ya no I'm not trading that tie!! There's no way! Everyone loves the paisley ties and me too so i don't think I'm gonna be trading very many of them! we cant send pics this week or else id send some of my new stuff i got!! I also bought a box of Trix today and they are shaped as the fruits!!!!!! It is the coolest thing!!! I love AMERICAN THINGS!!
Ok really there isn't that much else. Elder budden is doing pretty good! Were both starting to get sick tho which kinda stinks! But oh is he a character! He told us that he brought his pillow to school and told people that he was really tired cause the night before he was up all night fighting a native American who was trying to shove clam dip down his pants!! Ya he is something else but i love him!!
Ok really the last story i have to tell you guys is the best story of the week. Keep in mind this is a bunch of 18-20 year old guys looking for ways to have fun!!! So elder Martin also cursear as well. So he was able to just rip farts like no ones business. these weren't weak farts either! They were powerful loud and wet and disgusting!! So me, Augat, Martin and I went into the bathroom where there are five stalls. We made put augut in the middle and me and martin on the ends! Augut brought nutella and yelled out when we heard someone come in, "Hey I'm out of tp can someone get me some" so and elder came and handed him some tp. Well Augut put some nutella on his fingers and wiped it on this elder, one of the new north Americans, and the kids reaction was priceless. Also don't forget that in the background martin was rippin up a storm!! So the kid goes.... OOOH IS THIS???? AHHHHHHHH and just screams like a girl! Ive never cried while in the bathroom but it was soooooooooo funny!  Martin the following night also got 25 huge farts in one sitting.. Him and Augut had a bet that's why i counted!
Sorry theres not much to write about! Time is flying here and I'm getting more used to it. I called the CCM home for the first time last night so ya its OK! My homesickness is going away and now its not that i get sick i just miss home if that makes sense! But I love it here its crazy fun!! I'm super sick of rice tho.... Hopefully I get used to it soon!
I love you all and just wanted to remind all of you about the power of prayer.  I have never prayed so much in my life yet i still should be praying more.. I can see that Heavenly Father really answers my prayers here.. If you ever need anything fall to your knees and pray. HE WILL HELP!! it may not be how you want but i know he will do whats best. He love you more than Peruvians love rice!!! I miss you all so much!!!
I mean ludlow
P.S. cursear means to have diarrhea! Have a great week talk to you next week

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