Thursday, November 20, 2014


So a couple crazy things happened this week!! First off I'm here to tell you that i have felt, and survived my first earthquake!! We had one while we were in class and it was really sick!! Then our teacher was like, "oh my gosh an earthquake!!! We were a little worried it would be bad but it was fine no harm or anything! it was a 5.8!
Next on Sunday we had Elder Evans, head director of the missionary department, come and talk to us. It was really cool!! He spoke in our sacrament meeting and he also gave us a devotional! SO that was really cool, but the best part about him coming is lunch after church was the bomb! Whenever someone important comes its always great food so we love it when they do! Elder Evans is directly under Elder Bednar, and Elder Nelson under missionary work just to give you an idea of how high up he is!
OK so the other night i was sleeping and everything and kicked something at the foot of my bed. I have no clue what it was or if i really kicked anything but I sat up and said "Sorry Bud" then about cried when i realized that it wasn't buddy!! It sucked i miss him like crazy!!
So we got new Latinos in our room and now we have four instead of just two. They are OK they smell weird and they hate the cold. Which is AWFUL!!! So our room is hot a lot of the time. except i turn the air on after they go to bed :) but its hot and there smell just roasts and its bad.. They seem pretty cool tho, i don't think they speak very much English so ya...
And one of the coolest things that happened this week was me and Elder martin had a connection. I asked him if he played jr jazz this year. He said ya and i ask him what day he played. He didn't know but he went to Alta and i remember playing an Alta team so i asked him if he was on the team with the big black guy, for those of you mainly the bangerz, who remember that team.. he was on them!! They we just talked about that and it was the greatest thing! Our teacher was kinda mad that we were talking but oh well!
I think my last story is this week 5 people from my district and 3 from another got to go be students for people who were applying to be teachers at the CCM. so it was a nice confident boost because it was all of us who were good at Spanish!! Haha but it was kinda stressful cause peoples jobs are on the line!!
Well that's about all i got for you! Me and budden are doing great! Me martin and augut hang out a lot too! Weve been playing volleyball a lot and I'm just killing it! Yesterday during gym time i dove popped a ball up then as i was on the ground someone spiked it at me and I hit it over for the point.. which saved the game which we ended up winning... SO ya get at me cause I'm kinda a big deal!! Haha I'm super excited to be leaving here though cant wait to get out in the field!! I love you all so much and miss you!! my p day will be on Wednesday next week so check Wednesday! And if not then it will be Thursday.
My spiritual thought for this week is to go look up the video "The atonement and missionary work" i think. Its a Mormon message kinda thing and we've watched it a couple times here and its a real tear jerker!! Its insane!! Well I love you, church is true!! Even if i can't spell.
Love, Elder Studlow

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