Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Hola Familia'

Hola Familia y amigos! Como estas? Can you say the longest week of my life?? The flights were bad because I slept for 20 min and then I would wake up so it took so long!! and the entire time I was confused why I was doing this. We got to the CCM (MTC) at like 1 o clock Tuesday night. Wednesday felt like the entire 2 years all in one day! A lot of orientation and crap. Then Thursday felt like a year and a half because of all the same orientation crap! They say the first day is the longest day of your life and they just go by faster after that! And they aren't lying!
So my companion is Elder Budden, he is from Oregon! He is 20 and BJ always said "If there's not a weird elder in your district then it's you" Well let's just say that in my district my companionship has the weird elder.. .and it's not me!! haha oh but I love him and he is a great guy, but man you just got to meet him! Ill see if i can send some pictures of us! Haha Elder Augaut, Janice and Bill's nephew or whomever, is in my district and he is way cool! It's crazy here at the CCM so many people remind me of people from home! My district leader looks and acts exactly like Garret West! Make sure Garret hears about that! haha he is way cool and super funny! Then there's an advansado (advanced) elder who looks like Jake's twin. When I saw him i thought it was Jake. It is nuts! Then in my district also there's a guy named Elder Falslev, he reminds me of Reice! holy cow its crazy!!
Ok so after Wednesday and Thursday things kinda got better! Me and Elder Wright, another member of my district, get along super well! We always make fun of the Hermanas in our District, Lo SIENTO! But Elder wright is super chill and I've got a great district! Ok back to my schedule. I have classes all day everyday. and it's super busy but its so much better when its busy! It keeps my mind of things, and truly there is so much to learn!!  My morning classes I have 2 teachers, Hermano Davalos and Hermana Chacon. They are awesome! Davalos supposedly speaks fluent English but only talks to us in Spanish so we try to get him to say things in English! It's great! For PE I've played volleyball and soccer.. I don't really enjoy soccer because I'm not good and the Latinos never pass the ball.  But I definitely kill it in volleyball.. Ive had some great spikes and things. Man I feel like so much has happened but I honestly cant remember any of it!
Honestly I have been super homesick.  I never thought i would miss hearing my brothers fight and argue but hear I am wishing I could hear there voices.  Oh and the food.... I was so spoiled thanks a lot mom!! You have no idea what i would do for some home baked goods. To bad I cant get packages in the CCM.. Its a good thing that I wont be in the CCM on Christmas! haha honestly Dads letter has what has been truly getting me through all of this!
My Spanish is coming along really well! I remember so much more and have learned so much in the past week there's no way I could do this without the spirit.  I just thought I would leave you guys with this... Last night we had a devotional. An area authority came and spoke to us and that was great but we sang, How Great Thou Art, in Spanish but still, How great is Heavenly Father?? He is truly AMAZING!! If you ever want to feel the spirit sing hymns.  It is a great way to start of that meeting!
I love and miss you all so much! I will try and get back to as many emails as I can but I don't know if I will be able to! My Pdays are actually gonna be on Thursdays so don't fret when i don't email you next Wednesday! We just had it switched this week! I hope everything is great at home!!! Oh and by the way pretty sure I found BRO Dalbys tie shop... and everyone here has his ties its awesome!!! 



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