Monday, April 25, 2016

Tree of Cookies . . .

Well this week was okay, here's a quick rundown.

Monday I balled hard. It was awesome

Tuesday I was so sore from balling hard. It wasn't as awesome... haha it poured like all day and all of our appts failed us! #FlakeCity

Wednesday was solid. We taught Cynthia and she she is doing better. She has more time and is coming to church again so that is good. We taught a awesome new less active lesson to Maryori. She is super cool a 17 year old girl, with a super strong testimony!! She is awesome! She totally cried in the lesson  #LudlowCharm

Thursday we taught Liz in a solid lesson about the gospel of Jesus Christ, she could totally feel it. I know it! She will get baptized. Then we taught Elvis. He will get baptized but not on my bday,  so that's sad. He wants his parents to be there, currently his parents are apposing the fact that he want to get baptized.. we will see how that goes. #???

Friday was our ward activity. the Arbol de Galletas. We walked around for 2 hours looking for chocolate chips. . . #WeAintInKansasAnymore (or any other state) haha then we made the cookies.  They turned out rather poorly, I'm losing the touch.

Saturday we painted a house! It was ridiculous! We were using like 2x2 (like a 2x4) as our extension stick. It weighed so much!!! It was ridiculous, Elder Mann was hanging out of the window painting while I was holding onto his legs so he didn't fall out! I bent over the roof and was hanging to get some parts, in the end someone should have died, but we are alive!! We had lots of appts fail and that was really sad, although we did teach Maryori and that was a sick lesson. There was also a K Pop party going on at the church. K pop means Korean pop, we were waiting for a member outside the church and just watching all the people go in. It was hilarious #KPopRULES 

Sunday was just a normal Sunday, we had lots of lessons which was great! And we totally had one of the best family nights ever! It was with all the people who live on the floating islands and they are so awesome!  We don't actually visit them on the islands, they also have a house on land. #LosUros

Well I love you all so very much! Hope you have a great week!! Don't forget to wish people who have a birthday happy birthday!! haha 

Happy Birthday Kimi!! Have a great week!! 

Here is Zach making cookies the best he can.  . . kinda hard when you don't have the right equipment!

Zach "in action" as he put it, painting a house.

Zach description of this picture was: Modern Day Stripling Warriors

Zach sent a second voice recording today with pictures of him trying to rescue some sister missionaries keys.  If you have a chance to listen to his recording I emailed, please do.  You will get a good laugh.  Below are some pictures of him attempting to get the keys.

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