Monday, April 11, 2016


Haha well this week was good. We didn't have church this week cause there are elections here in Peru, anytime there are elections you can't hold public meetings... lame sauce! PPK happens to be a candidate who might win, who is from the US! SO GO HIM! haha not that I actually even care.

Monday was just a normal P-day.

Tuesday was a great day. We taught Liz and she totally felt the spirit in conference and believes that they are prophets and apostle. #truuuuue then we also taught some other investigators, Guido for example just has so many questions. its really hard, They are good questions but so many and he just wants us to answer all of them.

Wednesday we had some okay lessons, Griselda Jilapa, family of Familia Jilapa, finally opened up to us and that really helped us understand some stuff, so hopefully we can help her see that the Gospel will help her in her life.

Thursday we taught some new investigators, who are really cool! They referrals from Erickson and they look pretty solid, we will be teaching them this week. We also taught Liz again and she is totally progressing, she read the B of M thinks it's true and prayed & feels it's true. I love the gospel it's so awesome!!

Friday we were in Cusco, we traveled Thursday night and got there Friday and we were with the Asistentes all day. It was awesome I learned a lot and we taught some great lessons!

Saturday we taught Rosa, she is doing well, but Primo not as much, he was there drinking while we were teaching his wife. But we are going to help him, I'm not even worried!!!

Sunday we didn't have church so it was just really weird. It didn't even feel like Sunday, but I guess that is how it is. I'm sure Elder Moss can testify!

Well a big shout out goes to Kaley this week!! Orlando that is super sick!! Not as great of a mission as Cusco, but I'm sure it will be okay!! haha The mission is awesome!!!

Well nothing really incredible happened, we've been showering with cold water, trying to fix our shower and really nothing works. We have no Idea what is wrong, and when I say we, I mean Elder Mann, I have no idea what I'm doing with that stuff lolz!

Pic 1 me fixing the shower

Pic 2 haha just kidding I can't do that stuff!! 

Love you all!!
Love, Elder Ludlow

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