Monday, April 18, 2016

Puno Life . . .

Well I am staying in Puno for another 6 weeks!! It's a good thing I like this place cause if not. . .I would really be suffering! But I love Puno and am super excited to stay here another change!


Okay well I forgot my recorder so we are going to maybe sneak by later if there is time to send the recording, but know it's not in this email.

Okay so Tuesday we went to Cusco and had this super cool experience with these two members, but I explain it better in my recording so you will hear it later...haha

Wednesday we had concilio, that was really fun and a great meeting!

Thursday we came back from Cusco and taught Elvis and Liz, well really her father, and it was all good, we got him to be interested in the Book of Mormon, so hopefully he reads!!

Friday we had zone meeting, and then we had to weekly plan. We were in our sector proselyting for the first time this week at 6 in the afternoon, so that explains kinda how this week went.

Saturday we had to go to Yunguyo to do a baptismal interview, that also took all day so we weren't there all day Saturday, we did talk to this German lady on the ride. She was Cool.

Sunday we had 10 set appointments, it was looking to be the coolest day ever, and we went 10/10!!!!! failed.... so we walked around contacting most of the day! We are really trying to find people who will progress so we are in that process!!

Well this week I was freaking out because I didn't wanna have a change, last night and this morning I was going crazy because of it, but I am staying with Elder Mann and I am super happy for that!! So YAY!!! Love you all have a great week and hope that I can send you the recording!

Love, Elder Ludlow

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