Monday, May 2, 2016

Cake! Are we having CAKE????

Well this week was kinda rough tbh.. so ya, here it goes . . .

Tuesday, (I'm skipping Monday because it's not even worth writing about) haha,  we taught some new investigators, Luz Clara who is super awesome and Roxana who is awesome as well! Roxana totally opened up to us, and told us some stuff about her life and why she wants to learn more! It was great!!

Wednesday - Friday we had lots of failed appts and lots of walking, it was rough honestly. 

Thursday I did get to see AJ though and that was great! It was just awesome! I was so happy!

Saturday was my birthday where everyone and their dogs decided to fail us, so that was sad, but we did have a great lunch with my pension and then also a mini bday party with a member family then later one with our pension. We ate so much cake it was awesome!!

Sunday was really just normal. We taught Luz Clara again and that was solid! She came to church and is totally gonna get baptized the 28th of this month! :) yay!!!

Well this week was also the bday of my pension's daughter on Tuesday,  so we had cake Tuesday. There was leftover cake because like 3 people bought cake, so Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday we ate leftover cake.  Then also on Saturday for my bday, as well as  Sunday,  and I'm ready for another round!! Haha, it was great! Well thanks for everything, love you so much!!

For my bday I got this sweater from my pension and she also made me this beenie with my name! I love her! Well love you all!!

Love, Elder Ludlow


This is the beenie his pension made for him. 

Happy Birthday Zach!

Zach is happily giving us a fashion show of some of the things he got in his birthday package. . .he is such a goofball!
This is Zach's pension and her family.  He loves his pension!  She is so good to him and absolutely loves him too!  Isn't that baby the cutest!

This is the selfie poster that Zach and his comp gave their pension's daughter for Christmas.  His pension hung it up at added the "Happy Birthday Elder Ludlow."

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