Monday, March 21, 2016


Well this week was ok.... but here goes!!

So Monday we traveled to Cusco, had a great time spending my entire P-day on a bus. 

Tuesday we had concilio and that was awesome!! Just so you know we won the "not competition" That every Elder took as a competition.. And well I was wearing my USA shirt so you cant expect anything less! #GOLDMEDAL

Wednesday we came back with some German guys in the bus. Good time. Also there was this Leonardo DeCaprio movie on, the German guys were like ya he won his first Oscar, so way to go Leo!! Who knows if it's good I just put my freshly bought llama blanket over my face!! haha We talked the lady down like 20 soles, I couldn't not buy it! Me and my bud Elder Black got the same ones we are so cute :) picture attached below

Thursday we had zone meeting, and we were able to teach a less active member Rosa. It was a super spiritual lesson and super awesome! We were with Erickson, just about the most prepared kid to go on the mission that I know. He teaches better than I do and he's not even a missionary!! haha

Friday we had to traveled to Juli. I gotta see my kid so that was great!! But that took up the entire afternoon, and so lame sauce.

Saturday we had to catch up on all the planning we had missed, and so we weren't able to leave hardly at all,

Sunday the only full day of proselyting it was good. We taught a couple of lessons, but it was a good time. Plus at night we just jammed out with our pension singing hymns and that was super cool. I love that woman!! 

I just want all of you to know that Christ lives! and as you celebrate Easter this year, think of His resurrection, not of His death!! Go watch the Easter video from the church and on twitter, facebook, or instagram comment your feelings with a #Hallelujah

He encontrado una vida nueva en Cristo. Yo Le amo con todo mi corazón por todo lo que hizo por mí. #Aleluya!!!

I love you all have a great week!!!

Love, Elder Ludlow

Zach with his new Llama Blanket he bought

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