Monday, March 14, 2016

David & Goliath

Well this week was okay, not as good as last week but that's okay.

Monday we decided that we were going to be David, went and bought slings and hiked a mountain and threw rocks. Great PDAY! (video in dropbox)

Really we had a ton of appts set up with inv. but a lot of them failed us. But even though we aren't going to have as many days to work this week, we are in Cusco right now for a meeting, We are still gonna go hard and find these people!

Wednesday we taught the crazy old lady again and my comp actually recorded the prayer, I will try and send it. It is sooooo hilarious!!! She's crazy!! But that's okay everyone needs a little crazy in their life right? haha

Thursday night we gave a blessing to an old sick less-active member. Hopefully she gets better and we had a lot of appointments fail us... :( but that's okay we were able to invite some investigators to an activity on Saturday, who knows if they went.

Friday we had to take a Sister to the hospital cause she's been having blood in her stoolPile of fecesDizzy face so glad I'm not the health secretary!! haha but hopefully they get everything under control.

Saturday we helped an investigator with a little service, she's a funny lady and is a little crazy. . . like a lot. She loves water and always invites to nice boiled water, I can truly say that I was more thirsty after drinking that boiling hot water than I was before... #ColdWateriswaybetter But she's super nice! She always says, water is just so amazing, we all need it. When we talk we use water when we walk we use water, we need to just always be rehydrating, haha. 

Sunday my testimony of this church was reaffirmed when we had an inv. tell us why it's not true, haha it's funny. I love this church it's so true!!! So ya I have a nice rant about that on the recording don't worry!!

Well love you all and hope you have a great St. Patrick's Day!!!Four leaf clover

Here's me being a "sling master"

Love, Elder Ludlow

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