Monday, January 4, 2016

2016????? WHAT????

Well this week was crazy! I have a newish way how I'm going to write home

So on Monday we were out shopping and my companion has a voice recorder, and I saw one and decided, hey why not! So I bought that and now instead of writing a big letter I am going to send home a voice recording, hopefully that I will be able to give more details about lessons and stuff like that. I still plan on writing a little report of things that went on, but just to save me time for writing. Mom or Dad if you disagree with this just let me know but this way you can also hear my voice :)

Well this week was great we found quite a few new less actives which was awesome because that's exactly what our president wants us to do, and so we are expecting that this week we find some more new less actives as well because we didn't even leave with Hno Roberto. So we are super pumped!! The zone is doing great and every one is working pretty well which makes us so happy! Elder Mann and I get along great, he totally reminds me of Stewart! It's the best!!  

My scripture of the week would be Isaiah 53:3-5. It's an awesome scripture that really helped me be more obedient, and more grateful for everything Christ did for us.

Love you all!!!

Elder Ludlow!

OK so the recording was too big so its in dropbox I will make it smaller next week!

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