Monday, January 18, 2016

Happy Martin Luther King Day!

Happy Martin Luther King Day!🌚

Haha sorry if you didn't like the emoji.. I thought it was too great!! 

So as you know Monday I was in Cusco,

Tuesday we had a meeting with President which was great!

Wednesday we traveled back, I think I slept 6 of the 7 hours on the bus ride! haha It's a blessing and a curse being able to sleep wherever!!

Thursday we had a lesson with Danny Elvis, and with Familia Soto! Oh Familia Soto is awesome, their son is the stake President of the other stake in Puno, a great man!!!! and they are less active, so we found them and they are super cool! The dad actually has like ptsd and can't really speak, and it's really sad... but they are awesome people and the wife came to church on Sunday!!! 

Friday I was with Elder Powell. We walked around like the entire afternoon til about 6, when we found an old investigator Yonni, which was a miracle in itself, and then we went over to the church to teach Grover. Well we get there and he wasn't there yet, but our less active Omar was, so we taught him for a short time, then Grover gets there and teach him, then leave and two of Grover's friends were there. Well we had another  appt., so I just made an appt with them and we went, our appt failed us so we ran back to the church and taught Grovers two friends!! We had like 4 lessons in two hours. It was awesome!!!

Saturday we had a meeting with our stake president. He is an interesting man, I need a lot of patience, but he pretty much was burning us for not having baptisms and said that we are only here to baptize, which is not true. Proof-- 1 Cor 1:17 read it and weep stake president! haha No he really is a good guy and helps a lot, just some of our idea clash. 

Sunday just a solid Sunday with some lessons. We had to give talks, I was the last and get up there with 5 minutes!! It was great I shared a scripture and my testimony and called it good!! haha Then we had the lessons!!

Well I hope you guys are doing great!! I miss and love you all so much!!

Here's a pic of me and my comp after zone meeting this morning!

Love, Elder Ludlow

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