Monday, March 16, 2015

Well this week was a good week you could say. One kinda crazy story that happened this week is some members invited us out to eat... crazy right???? haha no but so we went out and when we got there i started feeling pretty light headed... Then when we finished I thought for sure I was gonna pass out.. But I ran super fast to a chair and was able to make it there. Elder Card said that my face was like super green... so that's always good! haha but I am ok now don't worry mom!!

This week I also received the Willits Christmas card... Personally its a little early to me sending out Christmas cards but thanks anyways!! haha umm not really much happened this week, just a normal hard working week. We did find a new less active family that we have started teaching, and we also have a couple new investigators that we are working with so that's good! So we had planned for this week to baptize hermana Dora. She had classes on Saturday and so things were gonnna work out perfect, then she heard that
her classes got changed to Sunday, and she wasn't going to be able to attend church this week. Which would mean that she couldn'
t be baptized cause investigators have to be confirmed in sacrament meeting, and then we just wouldn't have been able to baptize her until like the 12th of April, so we were really sad, but we knew that Heavenly Father can do all. So after her telling us we went home and fasted and prayed super hard to be able to have her baptism. The next day we went to her house and she confirmed that her
classes would be on Sunday. So that was super rough. And we pretty much told her the two options she had... So on Friday we asked her to talk to her teachers to see if she could show up late to the baptism, and she said she would but told us the attendance is super strict here... So we just kept praying and praying. Then on Friday we met with her in the chapel, and well when we saw here it just wasn't looking like things were gonna happen.
But because of the faith that she, us, and many members had, she was able to show up to classes late and be baptized! What a miracle and what a testimony builder to me that the Lord can do all!

Also because its march madness there was no way we couldn't not participate... so to warm us up for some MaRCH Madness we had our own march madness, with Disney songs!! We still have finished it but by next week you guys will know the winner, just remember the best team doesn't always win March Madness!!

Thanks for all your support, and prayers in my behalf, I couldn't do this without all of you!! I love you all!!! 


Elder Ludlow

PS: I've been working on my drill pose... how does it look?? 

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