Monday, March 9, 2015

1D Getting Buckets!!!

OK now you guys are all probably thinking is he really talking about 1D getting buckets... Well yes I am! For those of you who aren´t so young and hip, 1D is a boy band called one direction. Anyways how are they getting buckets you ask, well let me explain. This week we went with a member and visited this less active families house. There were two teenage girls there and they didn't want to talk, or want us to be there for that matter. So we gave our little message and when we were ending we saw a 1D folder and other 1D stuff, and so Elder Card and I asked, you guys like 1D? The change in these two daughter's attitude towards us was like the the change Micheal Jackson made, Black to white. Holy cow, they just went off and we were just talking about it and they were just so excited and we were just so excited and wow, now they want us to come back, they had us sign their Books of Mormon, and ya it was awesome!! hahahaha

Well the reason I am emailing so late is cause we went to another beach today for zone p-day, it was fun, but wasn't as cool as Charcas. But I got fried again because I forgot sunblock, I really blame my mom for my bad memory! Love you Mom :)

Haha, so this week not much really. We do have a baptism this Saturday... but other than that ya nothing.... The work is kinda going but kinda not, our people are progressing but we don't have a lot of people and we are really struggling trying to find new people, we are starting to give english classes in the church so hopefully it will be a good way to find for people to teach! 

Also this week we had interviews with Pres. Harbertson and some trainings. That was good and Pres. is so awesome!! He really helped me a ton and motivated me to just keep working!! We are really working on something in our mission and I would like to invite you guys to do it.... as missionaries we preach the doctrine of christ, but it's hard to preach something you haven't applied to your life. I will remind you of the 5 principles and I hope you guys can start trying to apply these principles just as i have, Faith, Repentance, Baptism, Gift of the HG, and Endure to the End.

Ok last funny story of the week, we had ward council this week, and I think the whole entire time me and Elder Card were just laughing, we were just cracking jokes left and right, and some of the leaders were just watching us the whole time, and we just couldn't stop laughing, so what ended up happening is two in particular just kept watching us, so obviously we started giving them crap for not paying attention, and then the war started. So instead of paying attention really I just goofed around the whole time, it was awesome!! haha Then after those two told us we were their favorite missionaries!!

Well I love you guys so much!! Not a day goes by I don't think about you!! But there's people out here who need the gospel and hopefully I can find them!! I love this gospel, and the church is true!! 
PS keep me updated on March Madness :)


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