Monday, September 19, 2016

For ye receive no witness until after the trial of your faith.

Well, I just have to say God is a God of miracles! I do have to say this week was a pretty incredible week of seeing God's hand in this work. 

Now to be honest I was a little down this week because Kevin, our investigator that was progressing so well, failed our appts.  He kinda disappeared and now he won't be baptized the 24th of September.

The good thing is Percy is going to be baptized. It's incredible the change I have seen in Percy. He's so awesome! I am so excited for him and his family!!!!

So a huge miracle passed this week. It is explained way better in the recording but here is a summary.

So the sisters in our branch are teaching an investigator. He's the husband of a member and their daughters are also members. He had a date for the 24th of September. Well, The Sisters called us I think Wednesday or Thursday to tell us that the inv. called them to tell them that he no longer wants to meet with them, and no longer wants to be baptized. The sisters were devastated and called us not knowing what to do. We tried to help them and we just prayed. Well, long story short we got a call Saturday morning from the sisters, asking if we had the keys to the church. When I asked why they needed them they told me that this inv. was going to have his baptismal interview. Which he passed and will now be baptized on Saturday. Honestly, God is so loving. Sometimes we don't understand why we pass through difficulties, but I know that God knows. He knows best. Have faith stay strong. See you soon! 

Love you all!!

Me with Percy and his family
With part of the zone in a waterfall

Love, Elder Ludlow