Monday, May 18, 2015

Well today are changes and I'm headed off to Cusco!  I kinda saw the change coming, so it wasn't a huge surprise! But I will definitely miss this sector!! Great people here but i am so excited to meet more!!

Well really it was just a normal week nothing great really happened except that I didn't have clean laundry the entire week, so today monday is the first time i've worn clean garments since before mothers day! Great right?? haha 

Well my last week here we put in some work! We rescued, or in other words helped a inactive member come back to be active, 4 people just this week. One was a family of three, and another this other guy! It was so awesome I love these people so much!!

Then on saturday there was a wedding in the church, as well as the sisters in our district had a baptism. So we spent a lot of time in the church. The bishop asked if we would help clean up after. So we were just there and they ended up giving us this huge plate of food! It was like half a chicken, a potato cake thing, stuffed pepper, tamale, by the way tamales here not great, but it was just so much food!! Then the sisters in our district ended up giving us pizza cause we helped a ton with the baptism, then we still went to our pensions house and at dinner. Needless to say i think i doubled in weight after that!! haha

Well another week down another one to go! I love you guys thanks for all your support! Oh and mom the good thing about being in Cusco now is I should get packages faster!! haha love everyone!!

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