Monday, May 25, 2015

Trunkiest sector ever!

Well one week down in the grand city of CUSCO!! I do have to say Cusco is pretty awesome, and that mom and dad we have to come back here cause it is super duper cool! Ok well i'm sure you are all wondering why its the trunkiest ever, well our house is literally on the airport, airplanes are leaving all day, and all we here is them leave so if that doesn't answer the question, clearly you weren't a missionary! 

My new comp is named Elder Flores, he is from Argentina, super nice guy, we get along fine, he really also likes to talk about his old comp and how great he was, so i think I'm gonna start talking more about Elder Card ;) He was here in this sector before so he knows it a little, but our sector is freaking giant!!!! It's so big it's ridiculous!! And he doesn't really like to walk, but when we have changes we are supposed to leave our money, well I was left with 000000000000 so i've made him walk and so ya. We live with our pension which is really nice, and they are super awesome!! and pretty good cooks! They are super nice and ya, everything is going well.

The ward here is pretty cool, it will take some time to get to know the ward cause i came from the best ward ever in Chanu Chanu but there are some cool people here! The best part though is I get here and we have four people with a baptismal date so thats alwasy great!! haha but this area is supposed to be a super good working area and the ward supposedly works really well!°

So ya really this week i just got to know the sector and all the good stuff of changes. It was so sad to say bye to Elder Card but hopefully I'll see him in the future! Yesterday at church there was some english speaking person there, who is just here for some reason, idk for tourism or if she's doing something, but anyway, she came up to me and asked if I spoke english so I helped her out. So you could say a pretty big deal!! haha and that I'm the biggest greengo ever! Blonde hair, white skin, and blue eyes, I guess that'll do it.. But hey at least Hitler woulda liked me right?? :)

Love you guys have a great week!

Sorry the internet I'm at sucks so I can't get a lot of photos up! Next week!

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