Monday, December 22, 2014


Holy crap I can't believe that it's Christmas this week!!!!! I am so excited to talk with you guys!!!! this week was definitely a million times better than last week! I have gotten a lot healthier and man things are just going good!! We still haven't had a ton of success like many we had 5 appointments this week but still those were great! We are really trying to get our ward involved because there is a goal to get the number of members assisting to 300 by the end of 2015 in the ward chanu chanu, we are at about 110. So ya its a lot of work but if the members help it will be easy!! Our ward mission leader is a freaking boss! He has helped us so much in creating a mission plan for the ward, and in ward council this week things got a little heated! Just talking about what the ward needs to do because we are all working together, not the missionaries do all the work! So.... in church we had every member the third hour, minus primary, yes every member in a class and Hermano Oscar, the ward mission leader, had this power point that kinda presented and he was running around getting into it just so pumped about everything and it was so awesome!!!

 A funny thing that happened this week was we contacted a guy and like the first thing he said to us was that he was drunk, and catholic. We kept talking to him and told him the Jesus Christ can help him, because of the atonement, he then told us that neither god nor Jesus are perfect, to that I almost chuckled because I have such a firm testimony of this! Then he went on to talk about how the leaders of our church, bishops, stake presidents, etc. take our tithing and use it for there own personal lives, to that I wanted to ask, what about the temples and the chapels, because they are like the nicest buildings down here. And then when we introduced ourselves he as Elders he said but what's your real name, to this we replied for two years it's Elder Ludlow, and samaniego, he then got mad and said that it's super disrespectful to him that we do this and that we won't tell him our first names. Oh drunk people!

This week it has rained like crazy!!!! Totally insane and one night we were walking back and Elder S wanted to stop in the tienda to buy bread, so we stopped and the owners happened to be members, so we said hi and asked if they had bread. They didn't but I saw panaton there. Panaton is a delicacy here, it's like fruit cake but its freaking delicious! So i pointed it out to elder S and 5 seconds after the wife in the back goes here I have something for the elders...... It was Panaton!!!!!! So we walked back in the pouring rain just so happy because the Lord BLESSES those who ask and those who are worthy!!

I love you all and hope to hear from everyone!!! Here's my Christmas card!
(Always reppin one team one dream)

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